Empowering Communities and Fostering Sustainability

Chapi Core Tech

Empowering Communities and Fostering Sustainability

Our mission is to empower women smallholder farmers and build climate resilience through innovative solutions. With cutting-edge IoT technology, we transform traditional farming practices into sustainable, productive, and climate-resilient ventures

Our Solution

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Financial Support

We partner with microfinance institutions, offering tailored financial assistance to farmers in need.



Affordable, accessible clean energy solutions with our seamless Pay-as-You-Go system. Easy payments, brighter tomorrows.

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Solar Incubators

Boost your poultry farming productivity with our solar-powered incubators and brooders. Healthy chicks, thriving flocks!


Chapi Core Tech transformed my poultry farming. The solar incubators increased my hatch rates, and the Pay-as-You-Go system made it affordable!
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Bernadette Milambo
Thanks to Chapi Core Tech,
I now have a reliable water supply for my livestock. Their support changed the game for us!
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Abigail Chansa


Collaborate with us to create a sustainable impact on communities, whether you're a micro-finance institution, a development agency, or a technology provider.

Microfinance Partners

Partner with us to extend affordable financing options to farmers, enabling them to access our solutions seamlessly

Technology Providers

Collaborate with us to enhance our solutions and expand our reach, driving technological advancements in agriculture.

Development Agencies

Work with us to amplify our impact. Together, we can create scalable, sustainable solutions for communities in need.