Empowering Farmers – EaseOnTrack

Easeon Track’s impact resonates far and wide. Through the integration of IoT technology, Chapi Core Tech bridges the gap between rural life and modern innovation. Farmers are not just beneficiaries; they are partners in a journey toward climate resilience.

The seamless pay-as-you-go model, coupled with mobile money platforms, ensures that financial constraints are no longer barriers. Women farmers, once burdened by the challenges of climate change, now stand tall as resilient pillars of their communities.

Chapi Core Tech’s commitment extends beyond technology. It embodies community, collaboration, and change. Through their platform, farmers not only access clean energy solutions but also become ambassadors of sustainable practices.

The ripple effect of this empowerment is felt in every corner of rural Zambia. As Easeon Track continues to grow, so does the resilience of the communities it touches. In the heart of Zambia, where challenges once loomed large, hope blossoms, one solar panel at a time. Chapi Core Tech’s innovative approach paints a future where women farmers are not just survivors of climate change; they are its conquerors.