Empowering Women Farmers

In the heart of Zambia’s, Chapi Core Tech stands as a beacon for women smallholder farmers. The innovative social enterprise is making waves with its groundbreaking digital platform, Easeon Track.

More than just a platform, Easeon Track is a lifeline for women farmers, offering them access to finance and climate-adaptive solutions with a special focus on clean energy. In a world where climate change poses unprecedented challenges, Chapi Core Tech emerges to transform lives, one poultry farm at a time.

With 5000 registered users, EaseonTrack, our ERP platform, is helping agriculture in Zambia. Through this innovative digital platform, farmers gain unprecedented access to financing and climate-adaptive technologies.

Clean energy solutions, once out of reach, are now at their fingertips. Solar water supply systems, solar incubators, and solar brooders are not just devices; they are symbols of empowerment. Chapi Core Tech understands the unique challenges faced by women poultry farmers, where traditional methods often lead to low productivity. The platform’s integration of clean energy solutions into everyday farming practices ensures a brighter, more sustainable future.