Harnessing the Power of Solar Energy in Poultry Farming

Zambia’s poultry industry is a vital contributor to the country’s food security and economy, but it faces significant challenges, including high energy costs and the impacts of climate change. With the country experiencing increased temperatures, droughts, and unpredictable rainfall patterns, poultry farmers are struggling to maintain production levels. However, solar power offers a promising solution …

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Empowering Farmers – EaseOnTrack

Easeon Track’s impact resonates far and wide. Through the integration of IoT technology, Chapi Core Tech bridges the gap between rural life and modern innovation. Farmers are not just beneficiaries; they are partners in a journey toward climate resilience. The seamless pay-as-you-go model, coupled with mobile money platforms, ensures that financial constraints are no longer …

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Empowering Women Farmers

In the heart of Zambia’s, Chapi Core Tech stands as a beacon for women smallholder farmers. The innovative social enterprise is making waves with its groundbreaking digital platform, Easeon Track. More than just a platform, Easeon Track is a lifeline for women farmers, offering them access to finance and climate-adaptive solutions with a special focus …

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